One of the chief complaints we hear from home remodelers is that it’s difficult to find a marketing firm that understands their business. Let’s face it, the typical advertising agency cannot comprehend the difference between a general contractor and a design build firm and that makes it difficult for them to effectively tell your story.

Home Improvement vs Home Remodeling

The disconnect often stems from an agency’s confusion over what constitutes “home improvement” vs “home remodeling/renovating”. As you know, home remodeling, and design build remodeling in particular, has its own lexicon. Within that vocabulary, there is an abundance of nuance that is frequently lost on the uninitiated.

Understanding the Design Build Target Market is Key to Nailing the Language

Popular themes for other home improvement categories like “fast”, “convenient”, “inexpensive”, or “affordable” don’t work for design build. Ad Agency creatives are typically unaware of this and will often push those narratives for content development, citing their popularity. While those topics might be appropriate for roofing and siding companies needing to generate a large volume of leads, those subjects are not a great fit for design build companies whose sales cycle is longer, average project size is significantly larger, and whose clientele is typically more mature and affluent.

It boils down to quality over quantity. For design build firms, communicating effectively with a smaller segment of affluent homeowners in your market will ultimately yield better results than a mass market approach based using click bait concepts focused more on metrics than establishing and building a sense of community.

R/A Marketing was launched in 2018 specifically to address this need. We exclusively serve home remodeling companies–many of whom previously had difficulty outsourcing their marketing functions because they didn’t speak their language or understand their target market.

Fluency in Design Build Goes Beyond Having Design Build Clients

Beyond the proficiency that comes with repeatedly delivering marketing services for remodelers, there are several other aspects that set R/A Marketing apart from other firms in this space:

  • Like many of you, our team members have been members of NARI and PRO, and are intimately familiar with their certification programs and awards (and understand the difference between Local, Regional, and National CotY Awards)
  • We have attended and presented workshops at the largest Remodeling Industry conferences including KBIS and Remodelers Summit
  • We are the sister company of Remodelers Advantage–North America’s most comprehensive support organization for remodeling business owners
  • R/A Marketing develops custom programs for our clients–managing as much or as little of the marketing function as each client needs

One of the Secrets to Our Sauce: Incorporating the Voice of the Client

One of the secrets to our sauce in developing content for design build firms is learning both our client’s voice, so that their content reflects their personality and culture, and also leveraging the voice of our clients’ customers. When writing content, we go the extra mile to interview homeowners to gather their feedback on their project so that we can incorporate those thoughts. Using direct quotes from clients, we’re able to create authentic, customer-centric messages which resonate better with the target market–other homeowners like them. Whether it’s a quote in a blog article, or a testimonial video posted to a social channel, leveraging the voice of the client is another way we’re able to deliver a more compelling message for our clients.

R/A Marketing: A Remodelers Best Friend

If you have been struggling to find an agency that gets your home remodeling business, contact us today to learn why we are known as A Remodelers Best Friend.